Image6.gif (10472 bytes)     PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS


Private one on one instruction, the quickest most cost effective method.

Professional instruction from a professional business for over 20 years. Why would you settle for anything less?

Personalized lesson plan custom tailored to you.

Highly qualified and patient instructors.

Government recognized music school, no HST on lessons

Just pay for one calendar month at a time.

No sign up or registration fees.

We teach everyday we are open Tuesday to Saturday.


                              Monthly Plan

You purchase a time slot for the calendar month (example; if Wednesday at 4:30 pm is the time you choose to book)

You pay $13.50 per half hour private lesson, for the month in advance. (e.g. if there are 4 Wednesdays this month

4 X $13.50= $54.)

If you are starting mid month you would pay for an extra lesson(s) to take you up to the beginning of the next month

.(e.g. if you are starting on the 24th, you would pay for the 24th, 31st and however many of that weekday there are

in the next calendar month. (eg. How many Thursdays, or whichever day you pick, are there on the calendar for the next month.) After that you would be paying one calendar month at a time)

Lessons are on a 1st come 1st served basis, starting that week. You must pay to book the spot. Our computer

has no provision to hold spots.

There are no make up lessons, if you cannot make it, although you can send anyone you choose in your place,

to take your lesson. Only one person can go in at a time.

You are buying that time slot for the month.

.You can pay by Mastercard, Visa, Debit or cash.

You can pay by MC or Visa over the phone if you can't make it in.

You can get set up  for auto deduct on your credit card, Every month on the 15th the next months lessons will be run through on your card.

To hold your spot for the next month, you have to by the 15th day of the current month.

You can pay anytime before that.

The computer won't let anyone else except for you,  book that spot for the next month, up until the 15th day of the current month

On the 16th that spot will show as open for anyone to book.

You can hold a spot indefinitely as long as you pay by the 15th, even though you are only committing for a month at a time.

This only applies to students who have a spot. New students can start on any day of the year.


                   CASUAL LESSONS

for SHIFT WORKERS or those who cannot commit to the same day and time each week.

$17. per half hour lesson, paid in advance when you book it

You can book a lesson today or within this week only.

You call or drop in each week, or whenever you want a lesson to see what time spots are available.

Drop by the store or phone to see what days and time spots are available


Now offering in home lessons

Call for pricing