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  Absolute Music, the store, is closed

 Doug & Sandi are Retired

Thank you to all of our customers  who have

supported us for the last 26 years.


  Our Instructors will be teaching at a new Music Studio on the Mountain,

 Phone Ashton at Hilltop Music

660 Fennell Ave E #1, Hamilton, ON L8V 1V1


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  - Spotify acquires minority stake in DistroKid, enabling artists to upload to multiple services from Spotify

 Spotify allows artists to place songs direct

How much money can you make from streaming?

 -  President Trump signs Music Modernization Act into law

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Music NewsCaps (in one sentence)

 The Bud Light Super Bowl 3 night Music Festival debuts Jan 31st 2019 in Atlanta's State Farm Arena. Performers include Aerosmith, Bruno Mars, Ludacris and more.

Ronnie James Dio as a Hologram, backed by his live band, just came off a European tour and are heading for North America early 2019

Spotify stock falls to an all time low

Rolling Stone Magazine partners with Music Business Worldwide on music business reporting

Amazon Music has launched in Mexico

YouTube claims it has paid over 2 Billion dollars CDN in royalties to music rights holders in the past year

Spotify claims it has paid 2 Billion Euros (approx 3 Billion Cdn 2.27 Billion US) in the first 9 months of this year

 The Songwriters Hall of Fame 2019 nominees include Mariah Carey, Vince Gill, Missy Elliott, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, Tommy James, John Prine, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam),  among others

Music NewsCaps

  Digital Music Royalties (streaming etc) hits 1.5 Billion $ CDN per year

 MTV has bought the SnowGlobe Music Festival

  90% of the population in Norway, Denmark and Sweden stream music

 Spotify launches "Publishing Analytics" for Music Publishers

 Global Music Royalties has grown to 12 Billion Dollars CDN a year

 12 People killed in shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill, a Country Music  Bar  in Thousand Oaks California

 The Stones are planning a North American Tour  Spring 2019



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